"The project outline"

“Online multi-player stealth action in 3rd person view, a variety of game-types through several unique battle stages in dynamic environments and performed in front of an active AI controlled audience.”

Example game screen and concept peice



Phew...gold at last!

My apologies, it been a while since we last updated the blog.
But anyway, here we are at the final stage of development.

Please checkout the screenshot and production art section for the latest images:)
Thank you for your interest in the project, and stay posted for a postmortem coming soon.


Just a little bit more..

There are a few more concept images going up this week, for characters and environment.
The audio engineers have begun work and so far this week looks to be realy promising:)


Progress report

Thats it!.. the end of week five.
This week has been a busy one, but we have a good foundation now to begin making some real progress.
We have a networked built with characters, orienteering, environments, events and various other bits and peices in it.
We are pleased with the progress so far and actually managed to have a little fun on friday pretending to fight one another (Our combat system isnt working yet),
So all in all a good week, next week is a shiny new build, implementing a tutorial, get more player actions working and again have a little more fun :)

Have a nice weekend


So we've been doing great this last week. Pre-production is now over and aside from a couple of things we've managed to achieve everything we were hoping to for our pre-production sprint.

We now have detailed Concept, design, technical and art sytle documentation. We've figured out networking in the UDK and have multiplayer functionality.


Almost there...

Ok so now its about week four of pre-production.
We have a new rudamentary test in the UDK and are happy with progress:)
However, this week will be a long battle to get all the criteria signed off for next tuesday.


Concept and inspiration

The concept and inspiration pages now have some stuff on them to look at!

I will try and get more up soon along with a draft of the Art style guide once I've finished putting it together. :)